Penetrating the Japanese market


We aspire to offer global support in helping foreign businesses to penetrate the Japanese market. When clients commission us with a project, we regard it as a constant process of effort, dedication, and ongoing improvement in which we strive to meet goals set by our clients, tailoring our work to suit each one’s needs and always thinking in the long term.

By responding efficiently to clients, the latter benefit from peace of mind and confidence in our work, and they can channel their energies into making their businesses a success.

We offer the assurance of 15 years of experience as a law office with deep knowledge of international law. We have a worldwide network of associate lawyers, in addition to notaries public, chartered accountants and other qualified specialists in Japanese law.


Our services


If you are interested in penetrating the Japanese market, Samon can help you in numerous different ways:

If you are interested in the Japanese market

  • Developing plans of action
  • Analyses of legal contexts
  • Analyses of business structures
  • Searches for/accompanied visits to potential business partners and clients

Introduction to the Japanese market

  • Company incorporations
  • M&A
  • Joint ventures
  • Company representation in Japan
  • Cooperation and distribution agreements
  • Drafting and revising articles of association
  • Property searches
  • Registration with the Companies Registration Office

Human resource management

  • Visas
  • Residence permits
  • Housing
  • Staff recruitment
  • Employment advice

Business operations

  • Drafting and revising contracts and other documents
  • Accounting
  • National and international taxation

These are just some examples of the services that we offer. We are at your entire disposal if you would like to have a no-obligation chat to find out what we can do to resolve your problems or meet your needs.